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We design for you. Maybe you’re not sure what you need but you know you need something, we can help. Below is a menu of our design services… thus far. Because every new client provides us with new opportunities to flex and grow to fit their business and organizations needs. 

Graphic Design Services

Logo Creation

One of the first steps to building a brand is creating a logo. At Write Connections, we create brands a little differently than other firms. First, we help our clients with a 360 survey about their business. They get feedback from employees, clients, vendors, neighbors, etc. Then we go to the drawing board. All of our designers jump in and create ideas for clients to choose from. This provides options from multiple design viewpoints and allows our clients variety and discussion points. Then we help our clients narrow down the perfect logo for them. 

Brand Development

The first part of developing a brand is creating a logo. However, there are several additional pieces that create a brand. We help businesses create a brand that is clear (vs. clever), has a unique voice, and a clear image that speaks to their customers. We help businesses get rid of the noise and focus on the things that will grow their business and customer base. 

Print/Digital Designs

Even though we live in a highly digital world, there are times when companies require print/digital designs that are more traditional. Annual reports, company brochures, and catalogs are just a few examples. Our graphic designers will create brand specific materials ready for your printer or website. If needed, we will even facilitate the printing and have the finish product delivered to your door. 

Web Services

Website Design and Website Redesign

So many businesses get stuck with websites that cost them a lot of money and that they don’t love. At Write Connections, we pride ourselves on building websites that your customers, clients, and participants will understand. We will help you create an online space that showcases your business and organization in a way that resonates with your audience. We’ll explore your customer journey and ensure your branding is consistent throughout your website. We’ll use our expertise to help you have copy and images that invite your visitors to explore more. 

Website Hosting Services

Websites can be confusing. We get that. There’s your domain, your hosting, your platform, and so much more. We make having a website easy for our clients. Our hosting services provide everything you need to keep your website up and running. This includes securing your SSL certificate, updating your plugins, and ensuring your site meets compliance and regulations.

Website Maintenance

We build websites that businesses can update and edit on their own. We don’t believe in nickel and diming our clients with proprietary websites. We teach our clients how to make changes on their own. We also provide website maintenance services for clients who are too busy, are intimidated, or just don’t want the hassle of updates. We will gladly add that new employee to your staff page or promote the special you’re launching. We customize our help to fit your needs. 

Social Media Services

Social Media Management

Many businesses jump to start social media profiles, not realizing that once you birth them, they must be fed constantly! At Write Connections, we manage our clients’ social media accounts for them. Some businesses want a hands-off approach and others provide regular direction and oversight. It is our goal to do as much or as little as needed in order for our clients’ social media to shine. 

Marketing Services

Social Media Advertising

One of the most effective and economical ways to advertise is through the various social media platforms. However, many businesses dip their toe in only to stub it. We help our clients by creating on-brand ads with their target audience in mind. Advertising budgets for this type of ad can be as little as $25 to hundreds. 

Traditional Advertising

When a business commits to traditional advertising they are investing a lot of resources. TV/Radio/Newspaper sales people push hard to make a sale ensuring results. We care about businesses seeing actual results. We help businesses find the right traditional advertising opportunity matching their customers to the channels they use, creating ads that are brand specific and will stand out, and  negotiating the best opportunities for exposure.

Paid Online Advertising

Many businesses are interested in paid online advertising. At Write Connections, we are Google Certified in Google Ads and help businesses find the right types of ads for their products and services. We watch analytics on clients’ ads to ensure they are getting the ROI they desire. 

Email Marketing

There is a fine line between consistency and spam when it comes to email marketing. Businesses must maneuver the space between helpful/engaged and “unsubscribe.” Write Connections helps clients find that in between and utilize their email marketing in a way that increases awareness and customer engagement. Some clients want templates they can customize while others want us to handle their flow.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing without a strategy is like traveling from Indiana to Florida with a stop in Albuquerque! Many businesses fall to predatory marketing hacks that promise big returns but only take their money. Write Connections creates marketing strategies with businesses that utilize all of their channels (website, word of mouth, email marketing, social media, etc.) working together. Sure, these plans don’t promise the quick returns the predatory marketers promise, because they work. Building customer loyalty takes time. It’s not speed dating. 

Wait… You do that, too?

Storytelling and Copy Editing

There is a reason we’re named “Write” and not “Right.” Because we believe the power behind every success is a compelling story. Our team of writers helps businesses tell their stories in their unique voices. Many times, business owners can tell you about their business but have difficulty making it work in text. We are here to help. 

Photography & Video

Sure, businesses can capture the day-to-day happenings on their smartphones. But sometimes, an actual photoshoot is better. Our team will provide professional photography services. Many times, we provide photography for a specific project or social media campaign.

We also provide limited video production. We are not the firm to break out the drone and rig up a car to film a high-speed chase. Interviews and storytelling are where we shine. We make everyone feel comfortable so they can tell their story unscripted.  To see our work, visit our YouTube Channel

Swag & Merch

Looking for a giveaway that is brand-specific and looks great? Have a budget but don’t know where to start? We can help. From concept to delivery, we’re here to help. We will work within your budget to get you the items you want. We’ll create the design and walk your project through production. We are a Kaeser & Blair vendor and can source any items you want to give away.  

To get a few ideas, check out these catalogs. However, there are thousands of catalogs and items out there; just let us know what you’re looking for!



At Write Connections, we believe that good stuff happens when you make the “write” connections. Our strategic side of business focuses on building community and making the right connections for various businesses, nonprofits, and groups. A lot of marketing firms talk about strategy. This is not that. We focus on facilitating systems change, strategic business decisions, team building, and personal growth.  Our strategy work goes far beyond marketing strategy. 

Business Services

Purpose Promise Values

We help businesses discover and articulate their Purpose, Promise, and Values.  Businesses need to be clear on why they exist. This may seem to be a “no-brainer.” It’s not. Helping clarify the purpose of why a business exists for all who work there is just the beginning to success. At Write Connections, we work with businesses to clarify their purpose, discover and stand by their promise, and articulate their values. Once all three are aligned, businesses save time and money on everything from hiring to marketing. 

Diversity & Inclusion Plans

DEI doesn’t have to be political or like wearing a wool sweater in summer. DEI plans can focus on employee recruitment and retention, supply chain diversity, marketing/awareness, and much more. It goes deeper than putting a statement on the wall and calling it a day. We help businesses and nonprofits explore what strategy around DEI is the correct one for them. 

Gallup Strengths Coaching

GallupStrengths has been used by over 30 million people and in more than 90% of Fortune 500 companies. Instituting GallupStrengths in a business improves employee engagement, customer engagement, and profitability. At Write Connections we are certified in GallupStrengths and have been using it for over a decade to help teams and businesses succeed. 

Teambuilding Retreats

We customize all of our retreats to our client’s needs. We first find out what success looks like for their retreat. We then craft a custom retreat that is engaging and productive. 

Nonprofit Services

Nonprofit Strategic Planning Services

Getting from Point A to Point B takes a plan. We build plans that provide a path to get to where you need to go but allows for room to flex when opportunities arise. Forget the strategic plans that are so complex and cumbersome they collect dust on the shelf. Our plans are direct, focused, and achievable. They are working documents that guide you to where you want to go. 

Board and Staff Retreats

DEI doesn’t have to be political or like wearing a wool sweater in summer. DEI plans can focus on employee recruitment and retention, supply chain diversity, marketing/awareness, and much more. It goes deeper than putting a statement on the wall and calling it a day. We help businesses and nonprofits explore what strategy around DEI is the correct one for them. 

Program Development

Nonprofits provide programs that help people. Sometimes, programs are established because there is a need in their community. To receive funding, these programs must be able to show their impact. At Write Connections, we bring our 25+ years of experience in helping develop and design programs that are focused on measurable outcomes. We help source tools, provide guidance on outcome measurements, and assist in creating replicable structures for programs to succeed. 

Resource Development Strategy

Jess Koscher, our CEO, has a Masters Degree in Nonprofit Management and is a Certified FundRaiser (CFRE). She has raised millions of dollars in her community. While she no longer solicits donations, she often consults on fundraising strategies and provides coaching to organizations staff and board members on best practices. 

Board Development

Nonprofit Boards have various functions depending on the organization’s life cycle. We help organizations with formalizing board structures, board coaching, and basic board support. 

Workshops and Lectures

Learn Your Strengths

We often focus on the things we aren’t good at. With GallupStrengths we focus on what we are naturally talented to do and then work to do more of those things. Our Strengths Workshop is a 3 hour introductory workshop that helps teams and groups begin to uncover their own strengths and how to use them.  

Marketing 101

Marketing can be overwhelming. Our marketing workshops are customized for the participants. We narrow the content to be specifically what each individual group needs and can use. This includes entrepreneurs and startups, nonprofits, and small businesses. 

DEI 101

DEI doesn’t have to be political or like wearing a wool sweater in summer. Our DEI workshops are customized to what our client wishes to focus on. Sometimes, they are very introductory with a lot of team-building activities, and other times, they can be a series for deeper understanding. We have over 20 years experience in this area and work to present information in a community building style. No one leaves our workshops feeling bad. 


The South Bend Elkhart Regional Partnership hosts HustleSBE, an eight-week boot camp for minority—and women-owned small businesses.  Write Connection’s CEO, Jess Koscher, facilitates this bootcamp. She shares her own journey, brings in top-notch presenters, and facilitates building community with small businesses. 

Custom Workshop/Lecture

For over 25 years, Jess Koscher has been creating and presenting both workshops and lectures with a variety of groups. If you are looking for a presenter, let’s connect!

Personal Development

Gallup Strengths Coaching

Here’s permission to stop doing what you’re not good at and do more of what you’re amazing at! As a Certified GallupStrengths coach, Jess Koscher works with individuals to own and aim their individual strengths.  She has worked with teams, top-level executives, couples, and everyday people who want to have more days feeling like a rock star than not.