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Newfields job posting, ‘The Bachelor’ prove that diversity and inclusion work is messy

Diversity and inclusion work is messy. It can be hurtful and ugly. People say dumb things. Others take those dumb things that were said and either perpetuate hate or move toward grace and understanding. Years ago, I was in a diversity and inclusion training that...

Celebrating One Year of Making the Write Connections

Jess Koscher is one of the co-founders of Write Connections | strategy + design, LLC. With Michelle Sokol, she is proud to celebrate the first year of business. One year ago, so much was different. The biggest and most scary thing facing me was following the steps set...

Diversity doesn’t need to be a Mensa brain teaser

During our "Safe-at-Home" isolation, I’ve had the blessing to be still working. One of the projects that have occupied my time is writing articles about diversity and inclusion. For a little background: In 2005, I was working for United Way of Elkhart County. The...
Meet the Owners: Michelle Sokol

Meet the Owners: Michelle Sokol

As I was playing online games with friends last week, I was complaining that I haven't been able to get my running mileage back to where I was just 18 months ago. One friend quickly shut me down: "Maybe it's because you just birthed a child and started your own...

Meet the Owners: Jess Koscher

Meet the Owners: Jess Koscher

Write Connections | strategy + design, LLC. was not planned. If the website domain had been available, this company would have been called “Fired UP” -- if that tells you anything.  Write Connections happened by accident and out of an unfortunate event... because I...