SEA Therapy

SEA Therapy owner Stephanie McIntosh Szabo needed a website for her teletherapy business. She had very specific ideas about how she wanted her website to look and feel. She also wanted it to be informative because teletherapy is a fairly new concept. Needing an economical plan, Write Connections created an anchored site for SEA Therapy using her preferred fonts in the design.


  • Created an anchored website.
  • Outlined the benefits of the client’s service.
  • Created a booking process.
  • Provided web hosting services.

It’s been great working with Jess and her team. My website got a bit glitchy and she was able to quickly respond and fix it. This timely response is most appreciated. I highly recommend giving Write Connections a whirl if you’re looking for a fresh perspective!

Stephanie McIntosh Szabo, Owner at SEA Therapy