Coolest Thing Made in Elkhart County

Then Commissioner Mike Yoder had an idea. He read about a state offering a competition about the coolest things made in their state. He thought, “we make a lot of cool things in our county; why not do a similar competition?”

Write Connections partnered with the Elkhart County Commissioners, Elkhart CVB, Elkhart County EDC, and the Elkhart County Chamber to launch the “Coolest Thing Made in Elkhart County” project.
Write Connections created the competition strategy, competition website, project logo, and all materials.
The COVID-19 pandemic created significant roadblocks for the competition. In the spirit of innovation, Write Connections stayed ahead of the pandemic with new ideas on how to salvage a project that was created to be very hands-on.

Contestants were interviewed, filmed, and a story was written about their product. Each contestant was given their own webpage that included links to their own companies.

Votes were cast online and the winners were to be announced at a big celebration that was turned into one of the first virtual events of 2020.


  • Created a strategy for a county-wide competition.
  • Designed a logo.
  • Created marketing materials.
  • Developed robust website that would work for various phases of the project, including enticing contestants, showcasing participants, and reliable voting.
  • Coordinated media coverage.
  • Coordinated/Planned events during a pandemic.