Kelly Jae’s Lakeside

When Kelly Graff and Beth Grier opened Kelly Jae’s Lakeside, Write Connections was by their side. Working with the restaurant owners to honor their already established brand (the former Goshen location was named Kelly Jae’s Cafe) while showcasing the new location and style. The Lakeside was launched in 2021. Write Connections assisted with messaging about COVID-19 safety practices and kept customers informed about the new restaurant.


  • Created a new logo for the Lakeside.
  • Created all in-restaurant signage.
  • Created and hosted new website.
  • Manage advertising spend (ongoing)
  • Coordinate PR and Media (ongoing)
  • Assist in special promotions (ongoing)
  • Conduct regular professional photoshoots (ongoing)

We use Write Connections for all of our communication and marketing needs. Their customer service is the best. They handle everything from taking professional photos to handling our social media, website, and PR.

Kelly Graff, Chef and Restauranteur