South Bend Civic Theatre

Client Quote

"Write Connections have been an essential part of our organization's survival. Time and time again, they have helped us stay one step ahead of this crisis. From content creation to public relations, from strategic development management, to volunteer engagement, Write Connections have saved the day. Hiring Write Connections was one of the best decisions of my tenure here at the Civic."


Project Description

When the COVID-19 Pandemic hit, the South Bend Civic Theatre went dark. Their typical way of doing business and celebrating the arts came to an abrupt halt. Write Connections worked with the SBCT as they maneuvered through a stay-at-home order. This included fund development consulting, creating a website for performers to share their work, an online class portal, and strategic planning for the future.

Key Outcomes

Shared 12 stories of how the CIVIC impacts those behind the curtain

Created #CIVICLIGHT for local artistic to share their creations during stay-at-home order

Fundraising strategies that raised over $500K in 2020