Indiana Youth Institute

Project Description

"Indiana Youth Institute (IYI) was in search of a Director of Diversity & Inclusion for their organization. IYI provides critical data, capacity-building resources and innovative training for people and organizations that impact the healthy development of Indiana's children and youth. They facilitate collaboration and promote problem-solving and collective advocacy on a statewide scale. The Director of Diversity & Inclusion holds a mission-critical role of ensuring the work of DEI is, and remains, essential to all aspects of IYI's efforts. This individual is responsible for managing the staff development strategy around issues of equity and bias, consulting internally on major initiatives, and mobilizing individuals and organizations along the organization's DEI journey. "

Key Outcomes

Write Connections reviewed all candidates resumes and writing samples

Write Connections created interview questions which would appropriately vet candidates on their ability to fit the role

Write Connections interviewed candidates and made recommendations to the CEO of IYI