Northern Indiana

Client Quote

"We saw so many small businesses in our community struggle when everything shut down. They were coming up with new ways to serve their community and sell their products/services. Things were changing so rapidly, that it was impossible to understand who was open and how to support them. Because a lot of small businesses didn't have websites or the ability to attract new customers, we created a website where small businesses could share how to support them in one place. "

Jess Koscher

Project Description

COVID-19 hurt small businesses. They were in a constant flux of determining how to provide their services and sell their wares. While they focused on keeping their employees employed and how to safely stay in business, we saw a way to help them share that they were still OPEN and ready for business. was our way of helping create a directory of small businesses that were open and looking for business.

Key Outcomes

Over 80 small business listings

Almost 2,000 users the first month after the site launched