Just Jess: Write Connections Suggests Businesses Hire People They Like

February 7, 2023

The decision to seek professional help is a big decision for many businesses. But unfortunately, when it comes to outside marketing help, by the time most businesses cave and look for help, they are also looking for a miracle. Guess what? Marketing firms will pitch you that miracle.

One of the most disheartening things to be told by a new client is about all the past marketing firms they’ve burned through. They tell tales of promises made and then inattention and bad breakups.

Here are some action steps and things to consider when shopping for a new marketing firm.

Vet us. Look at our websites and social media. You’re hiring us to do a job; how well do we do it for ourselves*? Does the firm’s website leave you confused or comfortable? Do you feel you know the people behind the brand you’ll be hiring? Do they tell their own story in a way that makes you want to learn more? If their website leaves you cold, bored, or confused… there is a problem. (Check out Clarity Wins Over Clever).

Meet with us and ask tough questions. At Write Connections, we are intrigued by your story. We are strategists and creatives who are driven to help you succeed. But we will also tell you some tough truths. If a firm promises you tremendous and immediate success… run. Marketing success takes time. It’s the difference between a chef-curated meal and fast food. Fast food fills your empty stomach but may give you indigestion and lead to future problems.

Keep your end of the bargain. We know you’re busy, and we want you to be busy and successful. However, in order to do the best for you, we need some time with you. We need to hear what is going well and what needs to be reworked in our plan. We’re in this together. When we promise to get you deliverables, we’ll deliver… we need the same from you.

Tell us when we’ve nailed it or missed the mark. We’re not looking for fake kudos, but it’s awesome to hear that we’ve done a good job. It cues us on what is working and what we can do more of. It’s also important to tell us when we miss the mark so we can get better. I always say onboarding a new client is like spending the first holiday season with a new partner… if you can make it through and still like each other, you’re golden. 

Hire people you like. In the end, the best advice I can offer is to hire people you like and trust. You are giving them the keys to your brand/image and will work closely with them. It’s essential to work with people who understand you and aren’t looking for the next shiny penny. 

You’ll get their vibe by following these steps. Feel free to contact their past clients (they usually have them in their portfolios) to see how it was to work with them. Treat this as a new hire for your team. But to be fair, also understand that past clients are past clients for a reason. (Check out our portfolio).

*Full disclaimer… at Write Connections, we aren’t very good at marketing ourselves. In fact, we’ve gotten all of our clients through word-of-mouth. How cool is that? So please don’t judge us on our social media posts! For us, it’s our culture to focus on connections… the “write connections.”

Interested in talking about what type of firm you’re in the market for? Let us know!