Just Jess | When did providing you service become just giving you gas?

When I was a kid, there was a “service station” located in the heart of the small town where I grew up. When you pulled in, you drove over a cord that caused a bell to ring, and a guy came out to put gas into your car. While filling up your car, he also checked the air in the tires and washed the windows.

I hadn’t thought of that “service station” in years until the other day. When I realized we don’t call them “service stations” anymore, we call them gas stations. And our modern-day gas stations offer very little service. In fact, you’re lucky to find a working air hose in most cases.

This idea of getting a service vs. just getting gas gives me indigestion. I wonder when it became ok not to expect quality service? When did the “service station” become just a place you got gas? And, is there a market for businesses (like us) who believe in providing old-school customer service?

After drinking some seltzer, I started thinking about what we offer at Write Connections. When Simon Sinek says, “start with why,” he wants us to look at the very reason we exist. Write Connections exists to help our clients succeed by providing unheard-of customer service. We accomplish this by working with each client to determine the best-customized strategy for their business. Then we give them full access to any service we offer to help them succeed. Need a website? Check. Also, need a strategic plan? Check. Oh, need advertising, too? You bet!

We know choosing a vendor can be a hard decision. You’re turning over a part of your business to another company. You have to trust them to do a good job. Our mission is to focus on your pain points and find solutions to help you increase your brand recognition or build a better organization. We do this by clarifying your goals and creating a path for success, unlike other firms who just make pretty pictures and give canned strategies.

Here at Write Connections | strategy + design, we are banking that folks still value service. That people like you appreciate and will even gravitate to building relationships, taking time to connect, and creating a lasting partnership.

Are you ready to make the “write connections” with us?

What Service Looks Like:

  • A firm that takes time to learn your voice and understand your brand.
  • Strategist who hear your goals and works with you to amplify your success.
  • Communication which leads to results quickly without having to go through several levels of bureaucracy.
  • Creatives who will work to create fresh content and will never phone it in.
  • Alleviating stress from your shoulders and getting results.

If we sound like the type of partners you want in building a strong business and achieving your marketing goals, let’s connect.