Just Jess | TV Dinners vs. Chef Curated Meals

In 1953, Swanson created the first TV dinners. As a kid, these were a treat! Everyone got to have their own favorite foods, and it came with dessert! At the time, I didn’t understand that TV dinners were limited. What if I didn’t like apple cobbler or peas? Too bad. There’s no switching out offerings in these prepackaged gems.

Today, the frozen food aisles are filled with many varieties of the classic take on a TV dinner. Vegan? No problem. Hungry and could eat a horse? They’ve got you covered. Looking to shed a few pounds? Take your pick!

You may be wondering, “why is Jess rambling on about TV dinners?” Well, it occurred to me that many of these quick website builder sites (square space, Wix, etc.) are offering the TV dinner experience. And just like TV dinners, sometimes this is fine.
But more often, the experience leaves you dissatisfied and hungry for something different.

We’re something different.

One thing we get to do at Write Connections is work with local chefs and restaurants. It’s one of my favorite things we do. Watching local chefs curate fresh local ingredients and turn out something not only satisfying but delicious is magic. This can also be said about web design firms. (Reputable web design firms, not your sister’s boyfriend’s cousin who took a class in
web design.)

You’ve put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into your venture. You need and deserve a website that will generate leads/sales and articulate your particular brand. While packaged sites can do this, they are limited. 

At Write Connections, we work with our clients to understand their brand, the purpose of their website/marketing and work together to create a website that works for them. This is not a plug n’ play experience. It’s not going to the freezer case and grabbing a box of prepackaged food (dessert included). Instead, it’s an experience and journey where we will curate something to suit your specific palette.

So before you click, “buy” on that package deal, consider what it is you actually desire in a website. Consider how your venture may grow and evolve and what you may need in the future.

Because it really sucks when you figure out your packaged site leaves you hungry and craving something more.
Want to see some websites we’ve created? Visit our portfolio.