Hi, this is Cindy, graphic designer at Write Connections! While patiently awaiting Jess to squeeze in some time to write another blog post, I thought it would be a good time to sneak in some information that could help you determine whether your logo needs an upgrade.

It’s always important to re-evaluate your logo once in a while. Time passes and businesses evolve. It may be time for something new.

Then again, maybe not.

Creating a new logo when it’s not necessary can actually have a negative impact on your business image. So, you want to make sure the need is real by taking time to evaluate your current logo.

You know it’s time to scrub your old logo when:

Your product line or service has expanded and is not represented in your current logo.

For example, if you were a cell phone repair business with a snazzy cell phone-like graphic logo, but you now also repair iPods, PlayStations, and restaurant delivery drones, you may need a new shiny logo.

Your logo does not work well on modern media platforms.

There are so many different platforms and mediums that you need to use your logo for, so a one-size-fits-all design just doesn’t work. A strong logo package will include a healthy variety of formats, including:

Both horizontal and vertical versions
Brandmark logo (graphic only)
Wordmark logo (business name only)
Logos made specifically for digital use with lower resolution
Logos made for print media with high resolution
Full color, inverse, black, and white versions of your logo
Various file formats of your logo which would include both vector and image

A solid logo package is a resource that will ensure you never go logo-less. If you don’t currently have this, you may need a shiny new logo. (Or at least a complete package created from your existing logo.)

Your logo is amateurish

If your logo was designed by a non-designer (perhaps by a well-meaning friend or relative), or if it was designed during the Ice Age, then it’s a good chance you need a new shiny logo.

Logo design has grown into a more simplistic art than those of the past. For example, shadowing, gradients, and embossing used to be popular but are not easily converted to the various media platforms mentioned above. Simple design is the new shiny.

Creating a new logo that properly represents your business and builds trust with your customers takes thought and strategy. Write Connections | strategy + design works with organizations to help them evaluate their needs and create logos that efficiently and effectively build trust with customers.

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