Just Jess | Clarity Wins Over Clever

Yes, we’re a marketing firm, and marketing firms are hired because they have clever creatives. However, please remember that firms like Write Connections are actually in business to help you communicate your message — clearly.

I’m not saying that your message can’t be witty, full of personality, and even clever. However, sometimes we love our own ideas so much that we don’t realize that others aren’t in on the joke.

How to know you’re being too clever?

Does your website look cool but leave the visitor wondering what it is you do?

An easy way to test this out is to have people who don’t know what you do visit your website. Then ask them to tell you what you are in business for, explain what you’re selling, or share your business views. Then, listen to what they say (without interjecting clarifying statements) and see if it’s what it should be.

Watch your Google Analytics to determine what pages people visit on your website and how long they are staying. Are they landing where you want them to? Are you reaching your conversion leads? Do you even know? If you want to learn more about building a website that will attract visitors check out our article, “Your Website is NOT the Field of Dreams.”

When people see your logo, do they quickly have an idea about your business? Sure, you want your logo to look cool. So you can put it on things like t-shirts, coffee mugs, and other cool stuff.

But does your logo make sense for who you are and what you do? Remember, that’s your brand, and for it to resonate, it must make sense to your customer.

For example, Write Connection’s logo has a lightbulb with a pencil inside. We wanted something to let people know we are idea generators and care about your story. Even our name “Write” Connections amplifies that we are storytellers. If you are wondering if you need a new logo, check out “Is it Time for a Shiny New Logo?.”

How about when you explain your ideas or business to others? Do you spend any amount of time explaining your own examples? Does your audience lean in, ask questions, and want to get involved? If not, consider if you’re being too clever and not clear on how you explain what you do. You only get about 30 seconds to land the deal, and every word counts. Do you want to be clever or get a new customer or business contact? Which one keeps the lights on?

The Cure for Over Clever

Ask others what they think about your logo, name, website. Find out if they can tell you what you do without you having to explain it to them.  

Listen to yourself. If you find yourself explaining your name, logo, or examples, then you’re probably being too clever. Your main goal is to sell your product/service, which is hard to do if people don’t understand what you’re selling. If you’re using valuable time explaining things that don’t matter, then something is wrong with the message you’re using.

Do something now. When you suspect your branding is ineffective or confusing, do something about it. I know you’ve put a lot of time, thought, and soul into your messaging. It’s your baby. But in order for that baby to grow up and launch, your messaging must be clear. Clever won’t pay your bills.

If you’re looking for some help on clarifying your message, let us help you make the Write Connections. Book a consultation with us today.