JUST JESS Bold Truths & Other Musings | And So It Began and Will Continue: Put a Fork in Year 2

Twenty-four months ago, I set aside the day and got out my “How to start a business” brochure provided by the Small Business Development Center because I was ready. Write Connections was launched in less than an hour.

Little did I know, filling out some paperwork (which is one of my superpowers) would be the easy part. A few short months later, the nation faced a global pandemic. But our little firm survived because we had the “write” connections and the skills people needed to keep their businesses moving forward while riding the wave of COVID. Strategy sessions with local restaurants, long conversations with legislatures, nimble maneuvering with creative pivots for a local theatre, and so much more happened in 2020. We used the best of our skills for small businesses, our community, and our friends. As a result, Write Connections survived and, thanks to our incredible clients, we also thrived.

Since the creation of my firm, I’ve realized some bold truths about this adventure.

  • Our firm will never take over the world because we are not interested in packaged campaigns. Instead, we do everything from scratch tailored to our clients. From a board retreat to a social media campaign, we create fresh content. We know this is not the “smart” way to do business, but it’s the way we choose to work because connections matter to us. Creating authentic relationships with our clients is our core value.
  • Many businesses flounder because they don’t have someone to dream and strategize with them. My team often says, “I didn’t know we did that, too,” when we discuss our work for the week. My response is, we do what our clients need if we have the skills to do it.
  • A lot of time and resources are wasted because people simply don’t know how to do things. So we help when we can. We are learning every day with every new project, and we gladly share what we’ve learned so we can all rise together.

So, on the anniversary of our second year, it seems appropriate to launch a new blog that will address some of the things we’ve learned that could help others circumvent the pitfalls we’ve witnessed.

You can probably guess from the title that it will mostly be my (Jess’s) musing, but at times we may grab others from our Creative Crew to spout off on topics that they are also passionate about. We hope you’ll find our bold truths and musings helpful, and if you find you need more assistance, that you’ll allow us to make the “write connections” for you.