Jess’ favorite projects are when the team gets to work with you on many levels. It may mean we come in focused on creating a design piece for you and we learn we can help you in other ways. She likes the relationships we build with our clients that last beyond the first project.
She didn’t always know she would end up working as a creative. However, as a child she saw the connection between words, images, and emotions. Her father was a graphics arts teacher and she learned to run a printing press before she could drive. She went on to attend Vogue College of Design in Chicago before leaving to get a psychology degree and pursue life in the nonprofit sector. However, even when working as a fundraiser she used design and storytelling to help connect a donor with a cause.
Jess believes in the importance of making the “write connections” because every success is dependent upon connections. The connections we have with other humans is powerful and can be the catalyst to creating a beautiful world.
While Jess’ motto for life is to “hustle hard,” when she is not working she enjoys spending time with her wife, Sue exploring the farmers market and enjoying their community.
If she were a Muppet, Jess would be Scooter because she likes to help productions and projects happen. She is also the person who is always rounding everyone up to stay on the schedules she has running around in her head.