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Have you ever been excited to hire a consultant who promises to solve all your problems only to end up disappointed because they didn’t listen to you, they had a set bag of tools that weren’t meant for you, and they wasted your time and money? Jess Koscher has had all of those challenges with consultants, which is why she is determined to be a different kind of consultant

meet jess.

Jess Koscher spent almost 25 years working in the nonprofit sector. During that time she hired a lot of consultants. Each time she would sit down with the consultant and explain the challenge her organization was facing. She would speak about the unique situation and ask the consultant if they were willing to directly address her situation and promise to not wash and repeat their same bag of tricks. And each time they said, “YES!” And each time the didn’t. And Jess would have to end the contract. She vowed to never be a consultant.

and then… friends and colleagues began to ask her to run their board retreats, help them build strategic plans, evaluate their programs, and build better boards. And she said, “yes.”

jess’ promises to… treat every client as a unique organization with individual situations. She will discuss what success looks like to you. She will then create a customized experience for your organization while using best practices, industry tools, and research-based techniques.

Jess is a strategist who has a reputation for being very real and honest with clients, providing them with tangible examples and ideas for solutions. 

“She was easy to talk to and listened to all we had to say but also challenged us to think through some hard things.”- NPO Client

why not connect? Jess believes that connecting with others is one of the most important things in life. If you’re tired of trying to find a consultant that will listen to you and work with you, why not try Jess? 

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Strategic Planning

Looking for a path to the future? Tired of creating big plans that collect dust? Jess is known to work with organizations to create effective and direct working documents that help you stay on track and do great things.


“A strategic plan should be flexible enough for a short detour but direct enough that you don’t end up in Albuquerque when you’re going to Florida from Michigan.” 

Strengths Coaching


How about we all STOP trying to get better at things we are simply not good at?  Jess is a certified GallupStrengths Coach and has been helping individuals, teams, and corporations discover and use their Strengths for over a decade.

“Focusing on what we are good at makes everyone happy. From individuals, couples, and teams.”


NPO Executive Coaching

Jess spent almost 25 years in the NPO sector. She has her MPA with a specialization in NPO management and is a certified fundraiser (CFRE). She has helped NPOs all over the country build better boards, evaluate their programming, and plan for the future.


“Mission 25 took a one-year journey with Jess Koscher and I can confidently say that through her work, expertise and strategies, we are a better organization!Don’t look any further….Jess is THE consultant you need!!”
-Shawn Ellis, Mission 25


When Jess started Write Connections | strategy + design in 2019, she didn’t know how to run a business. She was a nonprofit professional. But as a strategist and a lifelong learner, she dug in and created a successful firm. Since then, she has been sharing what she learned with other entrepreneurs and startups. She has facilitated HustleSBE since 2022 for the South Bend Elkhart Regional Partnership (an 8-week small business bootcamp). 

She also routinely advises and connects with other startup businesses to share her ideas and experience.  



DEI doesn’t have to be like an itchy wool sweater in the summer. Jess provides introductory to advanced multi-session workshops. Works with corporations on strategy from supply chain management to HR and recruitment. She has helped develop organizational programming and provided support to executives and human resources. 


Board/Staff Retreats

Many organizations use retreats for both their board and staff as an opportunity to launch a new initiative, begin discussions around an annual plan, or provide wellness opportunities. Jess meets with key staff to understand what they want to accomplish during their retreat and then customizes activities in order to meet that goal. She also asks each participant what they are expecting/needing during their time together for the time to be well spent. Jess’ goal is to provide a quality experience that meets the needs of the organization and those in attendance.