Cindy Sawyer


“There’s never a duh moment in life. Just moments of opportunity and growth.”

In Her Own Words

I knew I wanted to pursue a creative career while working at Bethel University, teaching students journalism and layout/design. I loved creating pieces that combined both graphic design and content to create the same branded messaging that would be used on various print and digital platforms.

All About Cindy


Not only is Cindy a graphic design and content creation wizard; she’s also a KidLit writer who enjoys writing both fiction and nonfiction.


When Cindy isn’t creating for work, she creates for play, whether that means working on a personal writing project, tackling a new craft idea, or sketching animals at the zoo with her granddaughter.


Cindy loves how we come together as a single force to create services that are completely unique for our clients. She appreciates that we’re often on the same page when it comes to making decision, but that we also celebrate our differences. She says, “We work in an environment where everyone’s voice is heard and everyone feels comfortable, and I think that’s very rare.”

My Approach

I get most excited about creating complete collateral kits for a specific message. I love the variety of tasks (branding, writing, and designing) and the satisfaction of tying up the complete package at the end. 



Content Marketing Certified – Hub Spot Academy