Cindy Sawyer


“There’s never a duh moment in life. Just moments of opportunity and growth.”

My Story

I knew I wanted to pursue a creative career while working at Bethel University, teaching students journalism and layout/design. I loved creating pieces that combined both graphic design and content to create the same branded messaging that would be used on various print and digital platforms.

My Values & Beliefs


Cindy has lots of ideas and she’s always bubbling up a new side hustle. Perhaps you need a succulent pal so life doesn’t “suck” or a gourmet brownie to get you through the day. 


When Cindy isn’t creating something for pay, she enjoys being outside on a gorgeous day while doing something creative, like working on a personal writing project, tackling a new craft idea, or sketching animals at the zoo with her granddaughter.

My Approach

I get most excited about creating complete collateral kits for a specific message. I love the variety of tasks (branding, writing, and designing) and the satisfaction of tying up the complete package at the end. 



Content Marketing Certified – Hub Spot Academy